Saturday, June 4, 2011

Vive le summer!

Okay, it's been a while since my last French class, so my vocabulary is a little embarrassing. And this is the first time I've blogged since February, which is more than a little embarrassing.

But it's summer. And I finally have enough energy to send my novel rewrite zipping along as it should be. I don't mean that words are magically flowing from the ends of my fingers. I mean that I've finally recovered the energy and focus to sit down for 3-4 hours a night, every night, and FORCE them out. It's exhilarating. It's exhausting. I'm so happy.

Hopefully this new surge of productivity will include a few blog posts, but I'm done scheduling myself or planning what to write in advance. I finally realized that I'd been trying to do with blogging exactly what I don't do with my writing--outline. I start with a scene or a character and let that little piece lead me down a path and tell me what it will be. I figure my blog should probably be the same way. I put in the time, and the blog decides what it will be :)

If you are a fiction writer and you aren't reading Patricia C. Wrede's blog, you should be. Her posts are so chock-full of good common sense about the writerly life, that I suspect she's actually her own character, the witch Morwen (whose front gate sports a sign reading "None of this nonsense, please") in disguise. As proof, I offer up her last two posts, which have been about, yes, budgeting. What could be more down to earth than that?

Check out Pat's blog here:

Cheers, ya'll! Enjoy your summers. Wear sunscreen.

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