Wednesday, February 2, 2011

In which I persevere, despite not having much to count

I was, in fact, tempted to skip this week's counting session, since the numbers are rather depressing, but avoiding a cold, hard fact never did anyone any good. And besides, if I skipped it, I wouldn't get to post this lovely picture of my role model!

Pounds to lose to next reward sticker: .4 (Argh!)

Fantasy novel word count: 33, 063 (could be worse)

Dickens project word count: 1,785 (groan)

There, that's over with! And hopefully, next week's counting will be more prosperous. Until then, may your checkbooks balance the first time, every time.


  1. Groan because of the project or because of the word count?

  2. Because of the word count, which is unchanged from last week :P. I mean, it happens, it's just sad to admit it.

  3. well hey, maybe you are just letting the ideas marinate a bit more. I am sure when you put fingers to keyboard, or pen to paper, again, you will be pumping those words out!