Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Romanticists wear striped socks

I kid you not. It's apparently a kind of secret sign.

Last year, I took a class with the new Romanticist* in our department. He's what would I would call a preppy dresser: pressed dress shirt, cuff links, shined shoes. Always. In a department where some faculty rarely aspire beyond shorts and flip flops (and I am so okay with that), it sticks out, which is probably why I noticed his socks. Bright. Stripes. I actually looked forward to seeing what pair he'd be wearing every class. I took it as a kind of private rebellion against his own self-imposed dress code. (Romanticists are complicated people.)

And then, this last weekend at a nineteenth century conference, I overheard the following exchange:

Visiting Romanticist: I see you wear striped socks. You must be a Romanticist.

Our Romanticist: Oh yes!

Both: [lift pant cuffs to display brightly striped socks]

(*Romanticist - scholar who studies literature more or less written between 1750 and 1850.)

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  1. Oh dear, I suppose this means I need to buy more socks with stripes-and I thought pumpkins were enough!