Monday, September 6, 2010

New Schedule and Writing Excuses

Ah, Resolutions! And it's not even New Year's. This whole blog is an experiment, and now I've decided to experiment with themed blogging on a schedule (along with my new blogger buddy Rachel, who came up with the idea). The schedule is as follows:

Mondays - writing advice or ponderings on writing in general, my own and plugs for other people's
Tuesdays - crazy things going on in grad school/kung fu/life
Wednesdays - update on my WIP
Thursday - book review
Friday - free write of some sort

In my last post I said that I would be blogging about Mockingjay tonight, but, as you can see, it's no longer on this evening's schedule. (I will throw my two cents into the arena on Wednesday.)

For my first official Monday post, I've got to plug the absolutely fabulous podcast Writing Excuses. Hosted by three sci fi/fantasy writers, each episode is 15 minutes long ("because you're in a hurry and we're not that smart") and full of concentrated discussion on writing topics such as pacing, creating a villain, and pitching an editor. The guys are frank and down to earth, their advice is concrete and pragmatic, and listening makes doing laundry an absolute pleasure. What more could a podcast need? All past podcasts are in their archives, so first time listeners can enjoy a marathon listening session! (And my bedroom is cleaner than it's been in weeks.)

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  1. What a wonderful writing schedule you have there (wink wink) Sorry I haven't been around this week--it was hard getting back on a roll after my Mississippi trip. Looking forward to reading your blog more faithfully!